Are you an innovator, entrepreneur or business professional?

The JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur (CYE) Program is a competition with the main objective to motivate and inspire young leaders. Through the JCI CYE program, young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase their running business and help them improve it to a higher level. In order to encourage the young entrepreneurs to use their critical and creative skills in depth, they will be able to submit their businesses through a Business Plan Template with the opportunity of having it reviewed by delegated experts.  

Entry qualifications 
Participation: Participation is open to both JCI members, and non-JCI members
Age restrictions: Applicants MUST be between the ages of 18-40 years old
Status of business: Applicants must have a registered and running business. The business can be either a startup looking for funding, prototype company launched, already a full business 

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Global Women Award

Nominations ARE NOW OPEN to submit a name for the Outstanding Global Women Award 2022!

Nominate an Outstanding Woman of your local/and or national organization.



  • Is a JCI Active Member

  • Makes an outstanding commitment to her community *and in her local and/or national organization for the advancement of women's rights, inclusion, equality and equity*

  • Leads with a level of dedication that exceeds expectation

Please contact Yvette for Nomination Forms - yashiri@jcicanada.com

Submission deadline : April 8, 2022

Ten Outstanding Young Persons
of the word

JCI members have been leading vital initiatives to kickstart economies, revitalize businesses and support mental health. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, JCI organizations have faced new, more difficult challenges than ever before.


However, by targeting local economies and focusing on getting people back to work safely, members have truly risen to the occasion. 


  • Regional Ambassador Program

  • Local Officer Training Seminar (LOTS)

  • Bilingual Mentorship Program

  • Effective Speaking

  • Debate

  • National Awards

  • International Awards