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JCI Canada Foundation

Receive funds to support  projects and initiatives around new membership campaigns, group leadership development and local organization awareness and marketing events


  • Articulate how funds will assist in training or growth and development​

  • What other funds are being raised/used for the project (i.e. demonstrate the Foundation is not the sole source of funds), and how much is being requested from the foundation

  • Target number of new members anticipated or description of other benefit

* Please ensure funds are requested prior to the project taking place

JCI Canada Foundation
JCI members


  • Open to JCI Canada Local Organizations​

  • JCI Canada Local Organization - once per year not exceeding $750

  • JCI BC Yukon Local Organization and Regions may apply twice a year

  • JCI BC Yukon receives $2,000 per year with the ability to apply for $500 for member development

About the JCI Canada Foundation

  • Established in 1979 to raise funds to help perpetuate the objectives of the Canadian Junior Chamber.  The CJF was incorporated on November 27, 1979 and in 1989 merged with the Phil Pugsley Memorial Fund started by the Montreal JCI Senate Club after they received a $1,000 donation from Marion Pugsley.  

  • The next merger of funds was in 1996 from the 1984 Montreal World Congress Fund. 

  • In 2001 an agreement was reached with the Canada Junior Chamber of Commerce Building Foundation (CJCCBF) to manage $160,300 on their behalf while providing annual transfers to JCI Canada.  

  • In 2004 the CJF entered into a similar agreement with the BC & Yukon Junior Chamber of Commerce and currently manage $50,000 on their behalf. In addition to the above funds there have been donations from numerous members and local organizations as well as a number of in-memoriam donations to acknowledge the great work of many former Jaycees and Senators.​

  • The Board of the CJF are the stewards of the assets held.  ​

  • The Board’s Investment Committee maintains and monitors investment policies to provide for the long-term preservation of the capital of the Funds, and permit a cash flow return on invested assets that will meet the approved requests from JCI organizations in Canada.

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