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We Develop Leaders for a Changing World

For a better tomorrow

JCI Canada

We are a membership-driven global network of dedicated young leaders, ages 18 to 40. Active in more than 5000 locations across nearly 115 countries, JCI takes its members on a leadership journey, providing an environment for them to develop their true potential through four types of actions - projects, events, trainings and programs - aligned with four areas of development opportunity. JCI gives members the practical experience to become Global Communicators, Entrepreneurs, Changemakers and Networkers. Our organization is developing the next generation of leaders in government, business and civil society.

What We Do

Individual Development

Focuses on leadership development, personal growth,
learning and improvement. Example: JCI Training ensures members continue to
learn and grow as leaders and individuals.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Sustainable businesses, innovation,
entrepreneurship. Example: JCI Programs like Creative Young Entrepreneur open
up new opportunities for business-minded members.

Community Action

Problem solving and positive change in our communities and workplaces involve initiatives aligned with SDGs or specific projects like JCI RISE. Examples include sustainable rebuilding of the tourism industry or promoting robotics education for young girls, aiming to address real economic and societal challenges.

International Cooperation

Fostering connections between all people for a
more integrated and interconnected world. Example: JCI Events bring members
together from over 100 countries to meet, share ideas and develop their
business and friendship networks.


"Leadership is not about being in charge. It's about taking care of those in your charge."

Simon Sinek


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