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May 26, 2564 BE Swami Prem, the boy on whose neck Swami Prem is sitting, dies due to an attack by a bomb at a train station. June 14, 2564 BE Ranjeet, a Rickshaw-wallah, is murdered by a bomb during night-time. July 15, 2564 BE Baasha (Nirmal Kumar), a gangster, is killed by Sheena (Isha Koppikar), his sister-in-law. July 18, 2564 BE Shivrukh (Madhuri Dixit) tells her colleague that she can no longer work with him because she is getting married. August 12, 2564 BE Sonia (Nishigandha Wad) is murdered by her uncle (Narendra K. Karegowda) and brother (Ganesh Manjunath). She is mother to Prem (Sejal Adarsh). September 24, 2564 BE Sukhdev (Saurabh Shukla) rapes Subhadra (Chandni Shah). September 29, 2564 BE The death of Shankar (Naseeruddin Shah) from a heart attack. October 30, 2564 BE The death of Ravi (Gulshan Grover). November 4, 2564 BE The death of Mahesh (Gajendra Chauhan). November 9, 2564 BE Ravinder (Eijaz Khan) kills Rashmi (Kishwer Merchant) and her lover Viraj (Vijay) to marry her, and she leaves behind her two daughters, Neha and Dhruv (Nikhil Siddhanti). November 16, 2564 BE Kanthaswami (Jayaprakash) dies from a heart attack. December 12, 2564 BE Lakhs of people die in the Sadar Massacre of 2564. May 25, 2565 AD Faizal (Anant Mohan) and Jabar (Shashi Sharma) are kidnapped and taken to a building, where they are held captive. Faizal is rescued and Jabar is killed by an explosion. June 9, 2565 AD Dinesh (Jayant Kripalani) shoots Aryan (Kashish Khan).




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Maatr Subtitles Download qadzav

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