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During the last year I have written, published and submitted for publication more than three dozen pieces of work and collected more than 100 citations by A: Citations are great. They make it much easier to find your sources if you need to get back to them later. However, they are not the main reason to write a paper, as you rightly point out. What is the best way to write my research paper? Start with understanding your audience. You can research your audience at the research gate link that you posted above. Then focus on writing your paper so that it is understandable and convincing to them. I see so many bad quality papers on ResearchGate. Are they all rejected? This is not a ResearchGate problem. We are all aware of these problems. But, the field of psychology and social sciences in general are a bit different. Papers in these fields are often less technical, more experimental, and often not based on methods that are commonly found in the rest of academia. This means that the vast majority of papers are rejected for various reasons. Sometimes it's because they're just poorly done, sometimes it's because the result is inconclusive, etc. Anecdotally, I have found that a lot of mediocre papers get accepted (and cited) because they're from famous names. This is why I feel that I have gotten fewer rejections on papers I've published that are not written by me (I usually have someone else write them). There is a reason that I like to use (as many other people do) ResearchGate to get articles for my paper (or even the paper itself). I like that it cuts down on a lot of the rejection and churn, and it also increases the chance of having interesting articles you can cite (this is important, otherwise you can't cite it). Let's look at some good points about writing a paper You've probably got a discipline to respect. You're familiar with the literature, so you know what questions to ask. You've got references which you don't need to reinvent. You've got a target audience in mind. You know what questions they're asking, what answers they expect, and the best way to answer them. You know how to structure a paper to get it published in the journal of your choice. You have an editor. You can speak to the science - it's your own work, based



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Mwongozo Wa Utengano Pdf Download zavefryd

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