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About JCI Canada

JCI Core Philosophy

JCI's Core Philosophy inspires confidence, unites communities, enhances equal opportunities, establishes justice, embraces cultural diversity, and creates a sustainable impact. Guided by our core
philosophy, we are empowered to make a sustainable impact.

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JCI Canada was born


JCI rebranded so that worldwide, all National organizations began with Junior Chamber International, followed by its geographical area. The Canadian Junior Chamber confirmed JCI Canada's name, which was adopted at the local level, too, with local chambers adding JCI before their town or city name.

Millennium development goals


JCI Edmonton hosted the Conference of the Americas at the West Edmonton Mall. The early 2000s reinvigorated the sense of active citizenship and grassroots initiatives through the organization. In 2004, JCI Canada committed to advance the Millennium development goals, and members took part in the Global Partnership Summit held annually at the United Nations in New York City. In 2010 JCI adopted the Active Citizenship Framework, a roadmap of actionable results-driven steps to produce sustainable impact. 


Effective Speaking Championship


JCI Durham Member Erin Guilmette is named World Champion in the Effective Speaking Championship in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Francois Begin is elected International Vice President, JCI Europe.

JCI 100th-anniversary


Canada sends a large delegation to the 100th-anniversary of the JCI celebration in Kanazawa, Japan.


Astronaut Chris Hadfield 


Quebec City hosts the JCI World Congress. Over 3,600 delegates from over 100 countries attended. Astronaut Chris Hadfield gave the keynote address. Chris Curtola is elected International Vice President, JCI America

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